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General Manager Speech

Author: Published:2016-05-25 Views:501
Thank you for coming to our website.
Companies adhering to the "safety and integrity, harmony and win-win" purposes. We are producing cylinders at the same time also more production of "safe", "good faith", "harmony", "win-win" development of the road. We will be dedicated to the domestic and global human first-class products and efforts..
Enterprise vitality comes to our products, we will, as always, adhere to the "user first, quality first, reputation first, service first" philosophy of service, always test the efficiency of our work, pay close attention to customer demand for products, with the wisdom to give new life. We have always firmly believe that the value of enterprises lies in the first but not only in the economic benefits of its creation, but also to promote the win-win cooperation partners, the development of enterprises to contribute to social progress.
Under the new situation, we will focus on customer needs, to carry forward the good tradition of doing business in Germany, to provide our customers with quality service. Thank the social from all walks of life to the utmost support and ANN and I people will be full of confidence and courage, force bearing responsibility, open a new chapter in the history of innovation!
I, on behalf of ANN and all staff of the company, express the most sincere blessing to the vast number of old and new customers, friends from all walks of life, I wish my friends to work smoothly and happiness of your family!