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How to do a good job of liquefied gas cylinders supervision?

Author: Published:2016-05-25 Views:610
According to the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine statistics in 2014 and the use of cylinders, number of 14250 million, the vast rural areas, urban and rural combination and restaurants still to liquefied petroleum gas as the main source of energy, liquefied gas cylinders in the local use rate is very high. Extended use of liquefied gas cylinder, filling the pre inspection and filling record mere form, gas filled and Hunchong common phenomena, liquefied gas cylinders Periodic inspection is difficult to implement. So that the leakage of liquefied gas, explosion occurred, to the vast number of people's lives and property caused immeasurable losses. AQSIQ informed about 2014 national special equipment safety conditions, cylinder accident 28 cases, the cause of the accident, cases of extended use causing a gas leak caused 60% of the accidents, illegal operations or improper operation accidents accounted for 26%, the defects of equipment and safety accessories failure 4%, illegal filling accident 10%.