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CCTV Camera and Electric fencing: Best CCTV cameras in South Africa

CCTV Camera & electric fencing:

CCTV Camera &  Electric fencing: First of all the most important service on offer is the provision of a safe, comfortable living. This is coupled with local knowledge, a friendly approach, and a relaxing environment. That delivers a stress free environment. Hence our products gives a peace of mind. You can manage to monitor your business whilst you are not on sight. Most of all our products give business managers any opportunity to manage their business offsite.

Does part of your security problems include that fact that your property and valuables are not properly secured? Therefore our CCTV Camera team will assist you.


CCTV Camera:

At Tld enterprises you will get affordable, high quality CCTV Camera. CCTV Camera CCTV camera : IP Camera installation products and services that will fit in with your budget. We supply and install CCTV camera at residential as well as at business premises. ln addition we are the best in CCTV Camera installations in Gauteng and surrounding provinces. If you are concerned about your security and safety you better partner with us today. Will design a strong and affordable CCTV monitoring solution.

At TLD Enterprises we are professionals in CCTV Camera. Electric fencing. centurion gate motors. access control and intercom systems. Therefore if you give us the opportunity to advise you furthermore. Give us a call to prove our professionalism. Efficiency and cost effective services to you. Since we have hundreds of happy clients we would gladly provide you with peace of mind to keep you and your family and your business property safe. Security in South Africa has become a major concern to all.

Electric Fence:

Protecting your home is a very important decision you can take. Furthermore if you are looking for the best electric fencing installers we are here for you. We deliver the best electric fence solution all over Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding provinces. Our electric fence installers are highly trained and certified for electric fence installations in South Africa.

You might be having a irritating electric fence alarm every time you put it on? You might be seeing broken electric fence wires in your wall?

Do not hesitate and take a risk of leaving with a broken or non working electric fence contact us today for a free quotation.

Electric Fence Electric fencing in Gauteng

We specialize in all different types of electric fencing. Whether be it for: home electric fencing, wild life electric fencing or game control electric fencing or industrial electric fencing etc. Perimeter Electric fence is one of the best security obstacles. With the best installation in place. The intruder stands no chance against the 9990 volts offered by the energizer. This is further enhanced by the alarm system that we can link it with your reaction company for free T&C apply. This further makes secondary security merely optometry.

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